The great Argentine writer Jorge Barraza defines FC Barcelona in 2010 as the most exceptional team in the history of football and wonders which group of athletes plays that rhythm and with that furious way to recover the ball. What other club is so direct and delicate in the treatment of the ball, as convinced of a system as the huge team of northern Spain?

Today we are going to explain how we form teams in Scrummers to transform your ideas into a wondrous application or a website as magical as that excellent football team was.

Every winning team must have a Guardiola that plans the weeks of work, that studies the changes, that leads the group week by week towards victory, and goes out to talk with our clients at the press conferences. In our slang, we know the manager as a scrum master, he is in charge of the agile production of the team and, of applying the methodology conscientiously in every match.

In the middle of the field, we have two cracks, Frontend, and Backend. Similar to Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta. Both  can operate separately, but if they work together, wonderful tricks will come up, Frontend fills the stadium with colors, designs unique movements and spectacular shapes, Backend is pure mathematics on the pitch. He calculates each pass, each ball play and each cross to the scrum master’s head.

As center back, we have the software architect, which is similar to Carles Puyol, the tremendous spanish defender with a lion’s mane and a steel heart. Our architect designs the system to support the weight of users who want to score and is responsible that our strategy to win is optimal and agile, despite delivering the ball to developers with an advantage so that they can exceed the expectations of our customers.

The striker is known as tester QA, this player hits the interface like a tiger, shoots with both legs and head to the corners he assumes fragile in the design process, runs behind the ball looking for programming glitches, presses up, down and the sides of the project. His principal duty is to verify that the methodology has worked to win the game and guarantee that our product responds as God rules to make the fans happy.

Like Barcelona in 2010, we also have our Messi. Known in the world of agile methodologies as the product owner, our captain organize the team, knows how players move and the pace we have to work to accomplish victory .In demanding games, the supporters chant his name, and he is always willing to receive the ball. Due to his skill, we have succeeded in all tournaments;  his primary responsibility is that everyone plays their best, and determine when to go forward and when to defend.

Thanks to this great teamwork and our international expertise, we have accomplished more than fifty championships in a row, and make fans jump, shout and even cry happy in the stadium.

If you have a tough game and need a team with experience and talent to help you win it, write to info@scrummers.co , we assure you that you will succeed.

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