The smallest and most affordable computer in the world is known as Raspberry Pi, is the size of a cell phone and can help you manage any personal or professional project.

In Scrummers, we would like to provide you some information regarding this astounding tool.

Raspberry Pi is a device that has the same inputs that a computer like the one you usually use, the same features as USB, Ethernet, Audio, HDMI output ports along with an SD reader and has a Linux-based operating system.

Unlike conventional computers, the Raspberry Pi has some input and output connectors like those found in the development cards, which are what allow us to give life to any machine that requires programming to fulfill a specific function.

It uses a processor called ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz that allows you to manage all functions  similar to a standard computer and connects the Raspberry Pi with various devices such as humidity, temperature and light sensors, consoles, security systems, accounting systems among others; in addition to actuators such as electric motors, heating cells and LEDs.

According to the Informatics blog of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, this project was created by a research group from the University of Cambridge, to promote the teaching of computer science to children using laptops at a very moderate cost and in a fun way. In 2009 the Raspberry Pi Foundation was born as a non-profit organization with this same purpose, and it would enhance this great project.

By the end of 2011, ten prototypes of the first model, known as Model B, were auctioned on eBay.

Thanks to the anticipated announcement of the first mass sale, at the end of February 2012, the Foundation collapsed on its web servers due to the extraordinary number of people interested in buying the Raspberry Pi and the repeated attempts from browsers to acquire the product. Due to its great reception, in the following six months they would sell 500,000 units.

In 2013 Model A was launched, a device with limited RAM and no Ethernet port, which is why it is more affordable than Model B.

What distinguishes the Raspberry Pi?

  • This tool is much more economical than traditional computers, and the best thing is that it performs the same functions.
  • With the Raspberry Pi, you can create several products, from programs to manage inventories, to security systems or a retro video game console.
  • Although the Raspberry Pi has the potential of considerable processes, it is not recommended to complete more than one task at the same time due to its processor.
  • The Raspberry Pi does not have digital-analog converter modules, which are those that transform an analog signal to a digital signal, although they can be easily added it is required to buy them separately.

If you are still here, it is because you have been interested in learning about the smallest computer in the world.

What if we tell you that not only is the smallest programming machine in the world and that it can perform everything we mentioned, but you can also handle your emails with it? Interesting right? The curious thing about the whole situation is that this device is not well known.  Is it due to the price, the appearance? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that in Scrummers we know it, we run it and we enjoy it, that’s why we are enthusiastic about telling you, so you can always discover something extra about the tools that enrich our lives.

Here are three examples of how some people have used this device. 

  • Vincent Deconinck, an amateur inventor, adapted a table with an interactive screen that responds to the objects that are put on top with colored animations and even allows the user to play Tetris. Click on this link to see how it works: 
  • Considering the information very helpful nowadays, you can use the Raspberry Pi to install a private email server. It will collect all your emails so that no other provider or server will have access to your messages.
  • Another example of how to use this miniature miracle is the “AirPi” project: a kit consisting of a Raspberry Pi and sensors that allow you to calculate the temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, ultraviolet radiation and the amount of monoxide carbon. This idea was born with the aim of measuring air quality in cities that suffer from pollution to generate strategies that improve the lives of citizens.

Remaining updated means an advantage over your competitors, at Scrummers, we want your company to be at the top of the market. Besides that, we think it is essential that people get technical information, so when they decide to develop a project, they already have useful tools to create a great product.

We are experts in the development of innovative software. We trust that each project we carry out is the opportunity to improve our society, as has been the Raspberry Pi in different applications. We dare you to change the world with Scrummers.

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