How does nearshore benefit your company?

Let’s talk about the advantages of nearshore overall, and how it benefits your company, but first, we want to start by telling you what this term refers to. Literally, we are talking about closeness.

The nearshore is the acquisition of services externally for your company and despite it isn’t in the same country, it is in one with related connections such as the same or similar time zone, cultural and even legal.

That is why Scrummers has been founded to help companies like yours with the development of digital products and hardware outsourcing, offer you the confidence that normally gives you an in-house team.

Now, let’s go with the advantages that nearshore has over offshore and of course over the in-house team.


The USA has 6 different time zones so hiring an offshore company implies a series of communication problems at the right time, especially when it is an urgent matter, implying not being able to solve it immediately or at least in the shortest time possible and we can imagine what this could mean for your company.


While communication in English is the universal way to be connected, hiring an offshore team, let’s say in India, represents a distant cultural difference and what are the consequences of this? speaking precisely on the subject of digital product development, brands are dissimilar in perspective, references, and even assertive language.


Development costs in Caribbean countries are much lower than in USA/Canada, which already gives a unique advantage, besides, and here is where outsourcing benefits your company, as fee costs of hiring are eliminated, you do not need resources to hire one by one each team member, legal payments, equipment, office, and more.

Now the most important thing:


You should take these advantages into account to hire a nearshore outsourcing in your company but also, and very important, companies like Scrummers, we have a large field of expertise that you can easily check, not to mention our 10 years of experience and our broad portfolio.

We are a legally established company that works transparently with each client, and where you can approach the team members assigned to your project immediately, thanks to our framework, which allows you to keep up to date with the progress of the development.

The nearshore is definitely an advantage that will help your company grow and to focus efforts and resources on other aspects that can boost your goals, if and only if it is a team that you can trust.



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