The best Google tools for your business

Google offers a huge variety of tools that can be the difference between success and failure for a digital business, learn here the best Google tools for your business.

Thanks to Iván Sosa from www.ivansosa.com

we were able to realize how many options we have to be more productive and that many times we do not take into account or simply do not use.

He made a list of 37 main applications or options that Google has both free and paid (mostly free).

Here we will share with you some of them that seemed relevant to us because we probably don’t hear much about them daily, however, if you want to learn more about them, we invite you to read the full article here



Google My Business is one of the main pillars of your company’s digital positioning.

Putting a photo of your business, a description, opening hours, and allowing reviews, are very important to increase the probability of reaching more people and have your current customers of relevant updates such as the temporary closure of the place due to renovations or any other example you can put here.



Sharing our contact number is quite personal and carrying double or triple phone numbers is tedious and unhelpful. Thanks to Google Voice, you can create a phone number to receive calls without revealing your original number. It allows you to manage multiple lines at the same time, generate voice messages, and more. It is something amazing because we can forget about having a cell phone for each business or customer we have. 




If e-commerce is your thing, this tool is for you. You have probably ever searched in your Google for a product and you have found the option to see some of them with their prices, ready to buy?

Well, you can do this thanks to Google Merchant Center, where you upload your products, prices, inventory… and together with Google Shopping, they are integrated to show in the search results, what you sell and just a click away from the potential buyer. In addition, of course, it helps with the positioning of the site.



Creating your website can be one of the main obstacles when you start but let’s be honest, although it is important, there are many options on the market that allow you to create free and functional websites, an example of this is Google Sites.

If you do not know much about the subject and want the opinion of other users, it is as simple as giving them access to your project so they can see, edit and collaborate with you in the creation of this site.

Complement your work with Google Domains and that’s it! You have a new site



Never stop learning. The world changes every day and with it, there are new things to know and that will help us in our business life but also personally.

Google has this wonderful service where you can learn for free about business skills, digital marketing, and much more.

The above are 5 of the Google products that we find most interesting to know in-depth and above all, start using if you have a business.

Tell us what you think of these options, if you already knew them or if it is something new for you. We would love to hear your opinion.


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