At Scrummers we never stop being amazed by the number of ideas we see every day in the technological world but certainly Elon Musk and his brain chips; Neuralink, blew our minds.


Of course, we knew about it! However, a few weeks ago Elon Musk himself, through his Twitter account, announced that the next Neuralink update will be impressive and we will be able to see it at the end of this 2020. 

This gives us an opportunity to talk about this incredible project. Did you already know it? If not, we will tell you what it is about, maybe you can see all its updates on its website.

What is Neuralink and its brain chips?

Neuralink was bought a few years ago by the multimillionaire, Musk, But until last year there was an advance of what will be the project they are working on since then.

It is a mechanism, like very thin threads (thinner than a human hair) that will connect the nervous system with some chips of 4mm * 4mm that at the same time will be able to be connected to computers, tv… or whatever, it’s basically a symbiosis of artificial intelligence.

Although it may seem something very crazy or perhaps not very logical, the biggest attraction of this project is medicinal and that is that it promises to reverse cases of blindness, hearing, and even allow people with only one thought, move prostheses of upper or lower limbs.

Together with neurosurgeons from Stanford and other universities. The idea has been put forward to start human trials from this year and they mention that the process of implantation will be as painful as laser surgery.

If this is the case and if everything, as they have been revealing results, is successful, we could be talking about a complete revolution not only in the field of technology but also in medicine, because thinking that we can basically manage in different ways the brain, hardware, and software, would mean being able to change processes that make life difficult for patients with various neurological diseases.

This is basically what Elon Musk’s idea of implanting chips for the brain is all about.

As we process all this wonder, let’s work together on the idea that you have and with which you want to change your world

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