Today we want to give you some business ideas for pandemic times and continue with them longer, best of all, you can start today.

In recent months we have been asking ourselves how to “reinvent” ourselves, so today we want to give you some business ideas for pandemic times and continue with them longer, best of all, you can start today.

There is a business model that has been quite named these days, it is called dropshipping.

Dropshipping is basically creating a business based on your suppliers’ inventory and using their services to ship to your customers. That is, you never have contact with the product.

This model has many advantages you don’t have to buy large quantities of products to sell it, run inventories that cost time and money or a place to store it, packaging, among others

It also has disadvantages. You depend on almost 90% of your suppliers, so you must look for reliable companies and have constant communication to minimize the margins of error.

Based on this business model, we have found some business ideas for pandemic times, which may help you find a new opportunity and maybe a passion.




At Scrummers, we love new ideas!

Creating new spaces where we will sell products or services that will help others, is our passion.

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Everything, of course, will be handled remotely, so the first thing you must have is an e-commerce.


Then come the ideas: The first one:




Anything that has to do with fitness equipment is a very good idea since at this time when all the gyms are closed, the options to stay active become exclusively at home or where allowed, outdoors.

Fitband for activity measurement, yoga mats, weights… in short, the options are endless. You can also make alliances to give away virtual classes or sell it.

You can also focus on it and you will not need more than a professional team, your platform, and many people with a desire to move.




You don’t need to be a chef, just a foodie with a good palate and a specific goal.

The pandemic situation has caused many jobs to move to their homes but as in normal times, people do not have time to cook.

That’s where you and your idea come in. How about planning a whole week of meals for your potential clients? How about having different options for vegetarians, low in carbs, sugars, high in proteins? Better said! invent that differential and find out who will cook from their location so that from there, all the orders that have been placed will be sent weekly.




We know that education is vital to any circumstance in life and now that many have plenty of time to learn something new, you can offer it online.

Platzi, Coursera or Domestika, are some examples of virtual education, very successful and from which you can collect a lot of information to create your own educational platform.




For obvious reasons, in this pandemic, we have been involved in situations that we have never experienced before, such as having to work with our children around them, help them in their education or entertain them when they are bored.

That’s why an excellent idea is to create a service that helps give special spaces to children at home, for example, virtual recreation, crafts, help with homework, courses to learn something…

Become their best friend!

As you can see, the ideas are countless, we could stay here longer but we don’t want to bore you.

At Scrummers we want you to take advantage of all your time, energy, and desire, to create and build dreams.

We are here to make them come true.

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