Colombia in the international spotlight for IT service contracting

2020 was (and we say it was because we are just a few days away from finishing it and at this moment we are evaluating, analyzing, studying and internalizing all the learning that it leaves us) very strange, however it leaves us with something very clear, and that is that Colombia is in the international spotlight for IT service contracting.

We are in the spotlight and effectively on the rise in the provision of technology services, an example is us, in Scrummers we could see in 2020 that our remote agile teams were highly desirable especially in the United States and Canada.


Why is Colombia so in demand in this market?

We can feel proud of this and it is that the main reason is the quality that we can offer them and of course, at a lower cost than in each of these countries, in addition to this, the time zone positions us in an excellent point because compared to Asia, where traditionally these services were very required, they can come to us more immediately.

Technology has definitely changed the way in which the world moves and a very clear example is that before, without demeritating, systems engineers were kept in a company for certain moments, monotonous jobs and it turned out to be a profile that, although important, was not decisive. Meanwhile companies, even before the pandemic, have had to migrate to completely technological processes regardless of the sector in which they move.


Examples of sectors where before it was probably unimaginable to see technology in action, is agriculture, now we can see that many farmers have started to measure their crops with different tools, sensors to know when they can get better results, others even guide herds thanks to drones.

Of course the pandemic drove this transformation and 2020 became the year when more companies migrated from being face-to-face to being online, when many technology-based businesses emerged and existing services boosted their sales.

Colombia has definitely positioned itself among the most important technology exporters in Latin America and since 2020 boosted this remote contracting, 2021 is a year to take advantage.

At Scrummers we are ready to welcome 2021 with all the challenges that lie ahead and with the willingness to provide the best of us every day.

If you are looking for an agile remote team to turn that technological dream into a reality, count on us, you will see why Colombia has been growing and we see ourselves as the best remote developers in the world.

If you are a developer and want to join our team, write to us, we are always looking for the best talent.


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