Being said! The omnichannel strategy is the way but the way for what? How do I do it?

Well, today at Scrummers we want to tell you what an omnichannel strategy is and how to use it in your company to achieve success in your goals.

Omnichannel, as the word implies, sort of. It’s a strategy to be present in all channels and that’s why it can be confused with multi-channel but the difference is that in the first one you connect all the channels to reach a goal while in the second one, you can communicate different things in each channel.

Let’s suppose that you receive an e-mail where you are offered a discount for buying some shoes but to make sure of your size and if you like it, you go to the store and ask the salesperson for the promotion, he knows exactly what you are talking about, you can try on the shoes, define if you want to make the purchase and apply the discount in the physical store.

On the other hand, if that mail is received, you go to the store and the seller does not know or tells you that the promotions that come by mail are exclusively online, we are talking about multi-channel.

We can see with the example that the first scene shows us a connection between all the channels to reach the objective, in this case, the purchase of the shoes.

While the second one, even though the communication comes to you, is exclusive to a certain channel, the seller has no knowledge of it or cannot offer you the benefit so each channel works separately.

Simple, isn’t it?

How do I apply the all-channel strategy to my company?

Of course, you are asking yourself this right now, besides we promised to tell you how to do it.

Well, at Scrummers we have been able to understand that when your channels connect and go all in the same direction, the response to this from the customers is much more effective than when you use the same channels but separately.

For this, there must be not only a connection between channels but there must be a defined communication, a look & feel, and a tone & feel, clear.

This is important because imagine that your company is a person and one day dresses and speaks completely different from the previous day and again changes the next day, this generates confusion to whom we communicate.

Having that clear, the second step to creating a good omnichannel strategy is to make a customer journey, where you will know exactly which is the path your user takes to buy.

When you know what the process is that your potential customer should do to get to the end of the purchase, you will understand the whole experience and know where to make changes or pay more attention and taking that into account, then you create your goals.

Let’s think that the first step to make your lead a customer, you must onboarding it in a certain way.

There are different channels you can use, for example, this person created an account in your travel app but did not make any search, you can:

  • Send a welcome email inviting him to search for his next destination.
  • In-App communication, then send him a push with a discount for his first booking.
  • You complement the onboarding process him to the purchase by advertising in social media about destinations where to travel and get better deals with the app and a link to comments from previous customers who had a great experience with you.

All channels focused on driving a potential customer to travel with you.

It is important to guide you by only one goal even if your company also offers guides tours in the destination, shipments or other services, you keep communication to that lead to a travel purchase, do not distract attention.

So I can’t communicate more than one service at a time? 

Sure you can! But direct it to different segments of users, it doesn’t make sense to offer a guided tour to someone who hasn’t bought yet, right?

Listen to your users, check their behavior, do the customer journey again if necessary to identify where the process could be failing, for example for the cohort and do all the steps again taking into account your goal.

Having an omnichannel strategy makes you have stronger relationships with your customers and also communicates to them that your company is strong and clear about what it is doing.

Check out companies like Mailchimp and Evernote that have excellent strategies to consider.

Of course, if you need us to help you with your strategy, contact us, plus remember that if you haven’t developed your idea yet, we can do it for you.


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