How to evaluate if a development team is ideal for your company?

How to evaluate if a development team is ideal for your company?


Knowing if you need an agile development team for your company is not easy, you are probably thinking that an app or any other digital product can probably be a job for a freelancer or someone you can hire for a certain period of time.
The first thing to consider is the kind of product you want to make and if internally your team can manage the process correctly.

Do you already have an MVP?
If you don’t have an MVP you need to know that this step is vital to start developing your digital product.

You need a team that will help you to raise the purpose of your product to test, a customer journey, a user/buyer persona, the main functions to evaluate…

Can you do this analysis internally?

If you have already done this initial process, have you done a user story survey?

Do you know which technology is the most suitable for your product?

Surely we are overwhelming you with many questions that you may not have asked yourself before but you should certainly ask them before hiring any professional and thus evaluate if you are at such an advanced point that you will only require the technical part to develop all the study that you have already done internally or you will need a team that has all the capabilities to accompany you, guide you and take you by the hand to perform with the necessary expertise, each step.

At Scrummers we use the scrum methodology, hence our name and the interesting thing here is that, being an agile method, we work in stages, but with deliverables in certain periods of time that we determine at the beginning of the project and you can go watching, learning and adjusting at each step, from start to finish.

If you definitely determined that you need to develop your app or digital product with a complete team, at Scrummers we can help you.

We build the ideal agile team for your product, completely dedicated 100% to you.

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