April 2023

What is Fintech?

Fintech is a term used to describe companies that use technology to enhance traditional financial services. These companies can offer a wide range of products and services, from mobile banking apps to online lending platforms. Fintech also refers to the underlying infrastructure that makes the delivery of these digital financial services possible. Fintech is composed …

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Transparency in blockchain

Blockchain technology has become a fundamental tool for transparency and accountability. Thanks to its ability to create immutable and transparent records, blockchain has opened up new possibilities for improving transparency in different areas. One of the most interesting applications of blockchain for transparency is the creation of public and decentralized records. By using blockchain to …

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding, also known as collective financing or micropatronage, is an online financing method that allows a large number of people to contribute small amounts of money to finance projects, companies, or organizations without resorting to traditional sources of financing, such as banks or investors. Generally, projects or companies seeking collective financing publish their proposals on …

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