A.I. and infrastructure development for the creation of smart cities.

A.I. or Artificial Intelligence, has represented significant advances in our society, and today, this plus Machine Learning is implemented in the most populated cities and means much more than you think. 

What does it mean to have intelligent infrastructure or infrastructure that uses A.I. to create more efficient cities?


It means that, contrary to what many may think, intelligent systems can be implemented for cities to improve their quality of life, in incredibly short times and at prices 10 times less than what it would represent to connect a fixed camera system every now and then to monitor and control the ecosystem. 

Hayden AI, a California-based company, has begun testing a theory that by improving critical points of the transportation system, many mobility-dependent problems could be solved. 

Hayden AI has begun to implant devices in buses, garbage trucks, among others, that go through the streets of the city and meanwhile generating a 3D map that even identifies fire hydrants, trees, and parking meters. In such a way that, for example, knowing where a car has space to park, decreases the time in which the person is looking for a place and even prevents the passage of other vehicles, including public transport. With this type of implementation, we can simply deduce that we would have more time or we would calculate better to reach our destinations, being very sure that the times we see are real. 

Like this, we can see many other examples of how to efficiently, economically, and quickly generate infrastructure that uses A.I. to make cities smarter and give us a better quality of life.