Challenges And Victories In The Crypto World

Since being a new and revolutionary topic, the first impression it causes is fear and doubt, but to counteract these ideas you can currently find important information that helps to understand this world that seeks to change important aspects of the economy.

Mexico, like many Latin American countries, are facing devaluations of their currencies, which has generated an economic crisis. Cryptocurrencies have begun to help solve this problem, but something interesting happens and that is that there is no regulation or legal measures against this currency, countries like El Salvador, Central Africa, Cuba have legalized and adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. In Mexico, an exhibition showing the benefits of this disruptive technology was presented in front of the Senate on April 23, How does it work? What benefits does it bring? The Senate was willing to listen to the speakers from different countries to start the process of approval and inclusion of cryptocurrencies, this of vital importance for the country and the economy in general.

Scrummers, a Colombian technology-based company, participated in the Mexican Senate forum with Daniel Jimenez CEO and Said Pacheco CRO together with our partner Luis Canessa from Athena Bitcoin Global, talking about the experience that the company had in the implementation of the crypto system in the country., let’s start by saying that El Salvador had 80% of people without any banking experience or knowledge, this represented an important challenge at a technological and educational level, the most important inclusive achievement is that in just 40 days the platform managed to support more than 4 million active users for a country of about 6.5 million inhabitants; the foregoing assuming the challenge with the greatest of commitments, in the forum part of the technical development process was told and how it was possible to implement a decentralized financial system that helps to counteract the economic inflation of the country, and lead it to be one of the countries Central Americans with the best economic prospecting at present.

In addition to this, they spoke of the importance for people, being able to pay their payroll, earn interest, be able to make purchases in all types of businesses. All this, safely, was also made known how people were encouraged to understand that this process of including a new currency was going to help them emerge in their businesses, this approved and promoted by the government. For Scrummers, it is valuable to publicize these new technologies and present how the digital economy is transforming worldwide.

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