How does Artificial Intelligence influence our lives?

Artificial Intelligence sounds like a very futuristic invention, full of robots that eliminate the human factor in many aspects of life, but the reality is different.

Today in Scrummers we want to tell you about how Artificial Intelligence is being used today and how it is transforming our present and of course, the future.

The main objective of Artificial Intelligence is mainly to make our lives easier, to automate processes that manually require unnecessary efforts and thus put our knowledge or time in other areas, maximizing productivity.

Although you may think that perhaps in your daily life you are far from having contact with Artificial Intelligence, the truth is that if you have used Google Maps or have an email you have already passed through its hands.

How does Artificial Intelligence impact us?

On a daily basis: As in the example we told you about, if you use Google Maps, Waze, or some similar app to get to a point, you are being part of the machine learning process that permeates almost all software or hardware processes with artificial intelligence.

This means that depending on algorithms, the app learns and tells us which are the best routes, connecting with other services can tell us what transport services are available and what time we can take them.

In addition to geolocation apps, basically in our smartphones (most people have one), we have a lot of applications that use artificial intelligence on a daily basis to make our lives a little easier every day.

In the health sector: Now we can find AI in this sector that helps with specialized equipment, identify or diagnose diseases in half the time a doctor can do it.

This does not mean a decrease in medical personnel but on the contrary, an aid in the early identification of diseases that in addition to saving lives, also means economic savings.

Autonomous cars: Clearly this is one of the aspects in which AI makes us feel obsolete, but if we look further, this process of automation so that your car knows where to stop, read the speed limit, measure when you can change lanes… not only makes life easier but can even save lives.

This is already a reality that many automotive companies are working on, of course, the best known is Tesla
Business automation: This factor has been a radical change in business and that is that with specific times like the global pandemic, more and more companies have realized the need for AI in their businesses.

Automated emails, bots to answer recurring questions, periodic purchases… make businesses focus their efforts on other objectives by making the processes complementary.

These were some examples to visualize how AI influences our lives and you can imagine what we can achieve in the future.

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