How to start your e-commerce

Currently, having your e-commerce is of vital importance for your business to survive the new reality.

As you could see, 2020 has been the year of great changes (forced many times) that have made us see life in a new way.

One of the best ways to see these changes is that the processes of transition from the physical to the digital in terms of trade were accelerated.

Moving from physical to electronic commerce is not an easy step, it requires time, effort, and investment but at Scrummers we swear it’s worth it.

Think of the savings your business will have if you no longer need physical stores or at least not the same as before, among other costs.

Now we have what we promised.

How to start your e-commerce?

  • Generate a strategy where selling on the Internet is a priority.
    That is to say, think about what products will be sent, how you want to pack them, is it worth paying a shipment for just one of your products? or better yet, do I create packages? How much will the shipment cost? After a certain amount, do I put the shipment for free? How will I send it?
    All these aspects must be taken into account before starting your internet sales.
  • Sell initially by marketplace so you can test how you are doing with the products and you can assess all the details so that when you have your own store, you have clear all the important points to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Finally! Your own e-commerce.
    Find the best developers.
    At Scrummers we can help you, just click and we will advise you at no cost.
    When you have your own development team to create your store as you dream, you already have 50% of the success guaranteed.
  • Although your website should be aesthetically attractive, do not forget that functionality is essential.
    The customer on the Internet behaves in very different ways to the physical one, for example, if your website is slow or does not look good on different devices, the customer will not have the patience to wait to see your products.
  • The user experience and interface must be very aligned with the sales strategy and your buyer persona.
  • Do not hide costs, do not promise delivery times that would be difficult to meet, do not offer the same prices as in a physical store, add a differential so that your customers prefer to buy from your website, keep your inventory up to date.

We wish that with these very simple but very important steps, you can launch yourself to create your own e-commerce.

If you have any questions, please write to us and we will be very happy to listen and advise you.