How to use Augmented Reality to improve the user experience on your website?

Using Augmented Reality or virtual reality in your company may sound like something that requires a lot of technology, investment, work and stress, however it is simpler than it seems. While it is a fact that we will be using technology to our advantage and deserves an investment of time to make the strategy and successfully implement it on your website, it is definitely worth it, plus, if you count on us to do it, you can also forget the stress.

Here are some examples of Augmented and/or Virtual Reality implementations that have helped companies increase revenue and improve user/customer experience.
With the pandemic, avoiding leaving home has become a much more important issue for users, that’s why Augmented Reality has meant a change in the shoppers’ experience because they can literally try something before they buy it.

One of the examples is this type of applications or websites that allow you to customize a space and for example, Ikea, has integrated a functionality that allows people to virtually try how that furniture would look like in the space you imagine it and of course, if you like it, that will encourage the purchase even more strongly than in an in-store experience.

A super fun example that the Kate Spade company did some time ago when it opened its first store in Paris, was to take its users on a virtual tour of the city to show why its presence there was important and all the spectacular things that could be found in the place using fun effects during the experience.

Nike has been doing the same, among other companies like Converse, Gucci… which allows you to try on the shoes you want just by using your cell phone camera and this same company uses augmented reality to promote the customization of their products, which is another excellent example of how to use technology to your advantage.
In this video you can see some of the examples mentioned above and others that will fully illustrate the advantage you have by incorporating Augmented Reality and/or virtual reality in your website or app.

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