Inbound Marketing What is it and how do I apply it in my company?

Today at Scrummers we want to tell you about Inbound Marketing and how to use it in your company.

Many times we find ourselves with quite confusing terms when it comes to creating strategies that work for our company’s objectives.

The first thing you need to know is that these strategies have a time frame that is not fixed to see results and that measurement is essential to appreciate the efforts.

Let’s first explain what Inbound Marketing is, this concept was created as a counter proposal to the traditional outbound marketing that bothered potential customers with information, pieces, calls… that they were not looking for or waiting for.

The idea is to take these bad experiences and give our potential customers valuable content.

For example, we can create e-books, ppts … put them on our website and apart from generating traffic, we give visitors the possibility to receive something in return for their data.

We have already captured their data, we already have segmented databases (or not) we are not working on it yet. The point is that we are already one step away from communicating with people who can become my business.

The next thing is to analyze that data and determine at what time and under what strategy, we are going to reach you.

Let’s suppose we are a shoe business and we analyze that the people who were interested in our content about “how to choose shoes for men? and not die trying” are mostly women, we can think that they want to give a close man some shoes and guess what, Christmas is coming.

This is a clear opportunity to for example send an automated email to that base with an offer of men’s shoes before the date of Christmas.

This is a very simple and shallow example but it shows us how a simple behavior can tell us a lot and opens the way to talk about the next point.

Automation, we live in a completely digital era and where everything has to go at the speed of light, that’s why it’s so important to see automation as an opportunity to improve your whole strategy. A welcome email, an email after your first purchase, to remind you that you still have products in your shopping cart…

That process will help us to close sales, to have people interested in our products or services and another very important point, to make loyal those who are already customers.

The first sale is important but keeping customers is what really makes the difference.

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