A place where ideas are born or where you can explore and grow through creativity.


It’s the transformation of new ideas that generate economic and social value. An opportunity to speed up the process of improving lives, rethinking how to generate alternative solutions, harnessing creativity and collective intelligence.


We are an innovation lab that creates incremental products, platforms and experiences based on Blockchain for the fintech, real estate and logistics industries.

Experience in private and public Blockchain such as:


Our Responsabilities as a HUB

  • Design, execute and evolve over time the defined innovation model and process (innovation cycle)

  • Create and maintain the corporate innovation ecosystem (committee, partners, innovation agents...), both internally and externally.

  • Align all innovation activities with business and innovation strategy, focusing on strategic opportunities.

  • Generate innovative activity in a systematic way (ideas, challenges, knowledge...) in the corporate ecosystem.

  • Create (and support) appropriate innovation teams to address strategic innovation challenges.

  • Be transparent and communicate to the entire organization the initiatives being promoted at all times. It is about sharing content related to innovation, inspiring the entire community, especially teams and people involved in innovation projects.

  • Manage innovation resources as a corporate capital risk, dosing the distribution of resources to projects and teams.

  • Take advantage of the innovation support systems available to companies, both public and private.

  • Encourage the development of creative and innovative skills of people in the organization, promoting its innovative DNA and the company's culture of innovation.

  • Ensure that the innovation cycle returns, both in the learning stage and in the "deal-flow" stage, that is, that sustainable projects resulting from innovation initiatives continue to generate business (from exploration to consumption).

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