A place where ideas are born or where you can explore and grow through creativity.
But first things first, we need to know...

What Came First?


The faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses

Main Ingredient


The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness


A new idea, method, or device : novelty. : the introduction of something new.


It’s the transformation of new ideas that generate economic and social value. An opportunity to speed up the process of improving lives, rethinking how to generate alternative solutions, harnessing creativity and collective intelligence.

What are we? Get to know our profile

Innovation HUB is a collaborative framework created to facilitate the development and implementation of projects building in accordance with Scrummer’s principles. It is an initiative aimed at knowledge exchange and collaboration for continuous improvement.

General Information

Our mission

To be the most important initiative in America and Europe for the development of innovative projects in cutting-edge technological areas with a focus on Blockchain.

Our vision

Be the most important innovative initiative in America and Europe for the development of innovative projects in cutting-edge technological areas with a focus on Blockchain.

Our purpose

Being the best Blockchain Innovation laboratory on the market and making a positive impact on society.

Scrummers HUB Description

An open place for everyone who wants to be part of the innovative DNA of Scrummers and contribute to the success and growth of innovative and intersectoral projects on an international scale.

Promote a teamwork environment where the success of projects is guaranteed, experimenting with your ideas to support strengthening processes, improving products/services, generating new business ideas and searching for disruptive solutions to challenges.

Most of all, a place centered on YOU, where you can be free with your crazy ideas, fueling an innovative and cool culture.
Learn, share and grow as a community!!

Our structure is HOLISTIC?

Yep! Synergy That is, the sum of the parts will obtain a better result than each part working separately.
Interdisciplinary work teams, so that everyone contributes their perspective and experience to the solution of a problem. You will no longer feel isolated, but part of a gear, of a whole in which you are also important!!

Our Responsabilities as a HUB

  • Design, execute and evolve over time the defined innovation model and process (innovation cycle)

  • Create and maintain the corporate innovation ecosystem (committee, partners, innovation agents...), both internally and externally.

  • Align all innovation activities with business and innovation strategy, focusing on strategic opportunities.

  • Generate innovative activity in a systematic way (ideas, challenges, knowledge...) in the corporate ecosystem.

  • Create (and support) appropriate innovation teams to address strategic innovation challenges.

  • Be transparent and communicate to the entire organization the initiatives being promoted at all times. It is about sharing content related to innovation, inspiring the entire community, especially teams and people involved in innovation projects.

  • Manage innovation resources as a corporate capital risk, dosing the distribution of resources to projects and teams.

  • Take advantage of the innovation support systems available to companies, both public and private.

  • Encourage the development of creative and innovative skills of people in the organization, promoting its innovative DNA and the company's culture of innovation.

  • Ensure that the innovation cycle returns, both in the learning stage and in the "deal-flow" stage, that is, that sustainable projects resulting from innovation initiatives continue to generate business (from exploration to consumption).

How do we get organized?

We are not specialists, but GENERALISTS!

Having people who can take a challenge and develop it from beginning to end. It is important that everyone feels that they have the right to participate too.

You can include some people from another department who are interested in helping because of their experience or knowledge, and even someone from outside.

That way, the team is more motivated, as they have autonomy and visible responsibility. In fact there is a certain specialization: but looking at the customer and not at the technology.