Scrummers at the Mobile World Congress (MWC)

This year, the event was held in Barcelona, Spain, and was a unique opportunity for leaders from the mobile industry and other sectors to present their latest innovations and technologies.

One of the most prominent trends at the event was 5G connectivity, which has become a reality in many parts of the world. Handset manufacturers presented new models with 5G compatibility, and mobile service providers presented more affordable 5G data plans and packages.

Another important trend was the rise of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Event attendees were able to see demonstrations of how artificial intelligence can enhance the user experience in mobile apps, while augmented reality is increasingly being used in games, advertising and shopping apps.

Scrummers was present along with the Procolombia team, which brings together projects and companies in the technology sector to make commercial presentations and generate contacts.

Companies looking for offshore staff, blockchain projects and even crypto ecosystem. For Scrummers it was a great opportunity to learn about current trends and to publicize the projects in which we have worked; “It is always going to be important to share knowledge and improve business relationships with companies in the sector worldwide” said Daniel Jimenes CEO of Scrummers.

Overall, Mobile World Congress 2023 was a resounding success, with a lot of exciting presentations and discussions about the future of the industries. We look forward to seeing how these trends and technologies will develop in the coming years and how they will affect our daily lives.