The best agile tools for the management of your technology projects

There are tools for the successful management of an agile project, in this case we are going to talk about the ones we like the most in Scrummers and that have also become pillars of Scrum.

Project management is not an easy process, determining which are the priority tasks, what requires more effort without leaving aside the others, keeping everything in order, communicating to stakeholders, to the team… requires a lot of work but the implementation of the Scrum framework has made this work much more flexible and transparent.

This is the top 3 of the tools that have allowed a breakthrough in the process of managing projects and doing it successfully.

Zoho Sprints

It is a cloud-based tool based on agile methodology to plan and track projects.

Very user-friendly, you can assign tasks, schedule meetings, plan content, create dashboards, backlogs, and collaborate on other workflows.

The tool allows you to take up to 5 projects completely free, after that it requires a payment, however if your company is not so big or does not have so many ongoing projects, it works perfect. Some of its most outstanding qualities are its customizable dashboards, use of drag and drop, assignment of tasks to team members, estimation points, reporting, timeline and status plus connection with Google Drive and Zedensk.


If we are going to talk about Scrum methodology, we should definitely talk about Trello, one of the most used tools for project management.

Thanks to its friendly interface and good user experience, it has established itself as a have to in Scrum. It is the easiest way to see all projects in a single platform, to know if they are on time, in an organized way and it also increases team productivity. It also highlights the use of drag and drop, easy to edit cards, task progress, checklists, prioritizing tasks and delivery times, file attachments, labels for easy and intuitive recognition, customizable colors and images on each board.


This tool presented by Atlassian is our favorite and most complete, in fact one of its highlights is the advanced reporting it generates, customizable Scrum boards, Kanba boards, security, error handling among others that definitely make it professional.

Like the previous ones, it has a free version, however it is limited, to unlock certain options it is necessary to make a payment of 7 usd per month per user.

And well! Here you have the top 3 Scrum tools in Scrummers Did you already know them? Do you use others that are better? Tell us!  Email us at