The impact of IoT on the world

IoT has impacted the world in many ways and of course, we love to focus on what is most momentous or perhaps most involved in our daily lives.

Here are some of the ways IoT has changed our world forever.


Airlines are some of the sectors that have adopted IoT to improve the quality of their services, customer service, and of course, budget savings in one of the most expensive industries out there. For example, automatically assigning seats when the ticket is purchased and thus avoiding overcrowding. Also knowing if they need space for luggage, in-flight entertainment, prioritized entry, additional services… All this helps to meet travelers’ and stakeholders’ expectations.

Health sector

This sector is definitely one of the most benefited with the IoT, as we talked about in our previous blog, thanks to devices such as an Apple Watch there can be a difference between life and death because in case of an alert, emergency services and/or family members can be notified to help the person. These devices are also being used to monitor certain aspects of patients and are data that are sent directly to medical records, which, by the way, are also being centralized thanks to the IoT.

The data stored in the cloud for each patient, which is even updated at required time intervals or for abnormal behavior, is of great help to doctors who can have much more accurate symptom readings and thus, the same system developed can suggest the best medication for each case.


Of course one of the main applications of IoT is manufacturing, which requires less and less human intervention, thus reducing production costs and time, but that is not the focus here, but rather how the retail sector offers better experiences to its shoppers, having a direct impact on its revenue.

For example, it is now very easy as a shopper to know if the nearest store has the garment or product I need, how many units, among other details. In this same aspect, inventory, it is possible to generate systems that alert stores when a product is running low and automatically request more from suppliers.

Thanks to the segmentation that can be done automatically by the behavior that each customer has had, it is possible to have more assertive and direct communication, for example, you have the power to identify who has not bought in the store in a certain time and send personalized messages to their devices with tempting offers to reactivate that customer or on the contrary, reward the loyal group.

For now, we want to leave you with these three examples of how the IoT is very involved in today’s life and that if we had not thought about it before, it opens our eyes and makes us see how the IoT has impacted the world.