US businesses that receive payments in crypto have seen increases in sales

According to a study carried out by the research agency Deloitte, it was concluded that more than 90% of businesses that have decided to accept cryptocurrencies have noticed a large increase in people who decide and seek to pay with this type of asset, in addition to this as well. They have noticed the increase in profit margins. This study was called Merchants Getting Ready for Crypto and was carried out from December 3 to 16, 2021 with nearly 2,000 businesses, from different sectors and categories.

Merchants see great advantages with this payment method

Something interesting that this study reveals is that businesses noticed a significant increase in sales with cryptocurrencies and perceive it as an advantage over businesses that still do not accept it, since in the near future it will be something increasingly requested.

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Near future and projection

Other interesting data that the study left is that at least 64% of those consulted assured that their clients showed interest in making payments with cryptocurrencies, even demanding this modality among those who did not have it enabled. The conclusion we can reach is that without a doubt this means of payment is already among us, and we must study it and contemplate it as a possibility for business, the progress at the legal level in many countries has been increasing and this provides confidence and security. If you want to know a payment system with cryptocurrencies that also allows you to pay your salary, we leave you the following link: