What is a remote agile team and how do we work at Scrummers

Today at Scrummers we want to talk to you about a very important topic for us and that is to answer the question that many people ask us: What is a remote agile team and how do we work at Scrummers?

What is a remote agile team?

It’s a group of people from different backgrounds who play with each other to give the best result even without being in the same place.

In the globalized world we have today we know that the supply and demand of talent is on a global scale, and this opens the door to a lot of job opportunities for people, being able from Colombia, to work in companies in any country in the world without even leaving home.

It also opens the opportunities for companies to work with international talent when before it was simply unimaginable, having a remote team expands our opportunities infinitely.

These teams become agile when we add methodologies and/or frameworks that help us to obtain results in an effective and timely manner.

A remote agile team is actually a way to obtain effectiveness and efficiency when developing our projects, reducing time to market, improving the response time to our customers, and always obtaining the best profile in each position.

How do we work at Scrummers? | (The Perfect Product Proccess)

The frameworks help us coordinate the actions of each of the team members so that we can work and deliver value harmoniously through a set of artifacts, rules, and practices that allow a person working in Colombia to cooperate with a person who is in Europe as if they were next to each other. Sometimes communication is even better between people who are physically distant than those who sit next to each other.

At Scrummers our priority is to deliver value to our clients in such a way that we have designed our own framework, and we have called it PPP for its acronym in English (Spicy Chicken Patacón) which is based on Scrum, and allows that through one person, our Product Owner, we can understand in the best way the requirements of our customers, this is key because it allows us to find those key points where our work adds value and also be able to have a perfect balance between expectation and product delivered.

To do this we have the Sprint 0 where we prepare the team to start work, and a backlog of tasks that make up our product, always maintaining constant communication because it is important to note that the requirements of our customers change every day.

Once in the Sprint, our teams report their daily progress through our tools and verified by the QA team, the reports delivered by the Scrum Master are so transparent that allow us to know the status of the product with great accuracy.

Finally, we closed the Sprint with a demonstration and validation of the acceptance criteria, and if it was agreed on a production release of the newly developed product.

We hope that we have given you an accurate answer to what we do at Scrummers. If you have any questions, please write to us and we will be happy to listen and advise you.