What is e-mail marketing and how use it to sell?

E-mail marketing is a digital communication strategy and segmented content. That mail you receive from your favorite brands, directly to your e-mail box is e-marketing and if you apply it in your company, it can help you sell more.

How is it done?

At Scrummers we tell you so that you can implement this form of communication with your customers and increase your reach.

First, you must be very clear that the e-mail marketing strategy of being segmented, you can not send the same communication to different types of customers you have or at the stage where they are in your conversion funnel.

For example: If a visitor has just become a lead because he left his data on your website, sending him content about a survey of the products in your latest collection would not make sense since he probably barely knows you and miscommunication will turn your content into spam.

You should attack this client differently (it depends on your strategy)

Initially, you can do a preliminary segmentation with the form on your website. By asking the right questions you will know the intention of your lead.

Types of e-mail marketing

  • Newsletter
    The Newsletter is the most used resource by companies to keep their leads and customers informed.
  • Leads
    Email marketing with a “lead” objective is where we guide this lead to becoming a customer through all stages of the sales process.

For example, you have an application to request a taxi, John downloaded it but has not used it. After you have sent him a first email thanking him for downloading it (later we will tell you which are the most important emails to send to your customers, follow us on

Instagram to discover them) you send him another one with a click to action to open the app and request a service…

Depending on the action your lead takes, so will your communication, it’s a way to turn your lead into a client and better yet, a loyal client.

All this process can be automated so that with each action, the right communication is released.

Surveys, reviews…
We find this strategy spectacular because you know from your client’s mouth what you are doing well and what you can improve on, and no one knows what they need from you and what they love more than the people you are targeting.

This way you can make changes in your products, services…

Now you know the basics of e-mail marketing, start implementing it!

  • Choose your automation, sending and data collection tool, we recommend Mailchimp y Zendesk
  • Create a campaign targeted to your segment. Remember to create valuable content for those you are targeting
  • Design is important but be careful, have a balance between text and images to avoid being perceived as spam
  • The subject is 90% of, opening success of your e-mail and consequently, of those who are going to see and capture your information
  • Always put a call to action on the content
  • Send it!

We’ve reached the end of this blog but we hope you’ve been able to see (if you’re new to the subject) how a well-executed e-mail marketing strategy can help you close more sales and succeed in what you do.

Remember that at Scrummers we can also help you with your digital marketing strategy, just write to us at info@scrummers.co and we’ll be happy to start a conversation to guide you through the process.