Estudiantes de El Salvador reciben un certificado en Bitcoin

The Ignacio Pacheco Castro secondary education institution gave more than 40 students a diploma that certifies knowledge about Bitcoin (BTC), making the country the first to include cryptocurrencies as part of education.

This process was led by the NGO “my first bitcoin” which plans to continue this process in other educational entities.

Professor Raúl Guirola says that “Bitcoin is the key to understanding money and its history”

For teacher Guirola, this was a great challenge, since it is considered that this topic is difficult to understand, but since they were young people between 17 and 20 years old, they sought to teach with a language that was not so technical and simple, in addition to the fact that it had to be very interactive even some games.

For 10 months, which was the duration of this course, the students learned about the value of money, inflation, surveillance and additional centralization to these topics, they learned about bitcoin mining, the importance of nodes to protect the network and the role of Lightning Network in the transfer of payments.

The students’ final test was supervised by bitcoiners from around the world, who came to the Central American country from the United States, Cuba, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, France and even Salvadorans from the Bitcoin Beach community in El Zonte.

This program has caught the attention of other institutions not only in El Salvador but also in other countries, for this the NGO and the participating teachers are evaluating the way to bring the program to more students, this is very important because it generates curiosity in the students about alternative financial means.