XR or Extended Reality as a technological trend in 2021, what is it due to?

Well, to start with, the first thing we should know is that Extended Reality is the conjunction of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, which are concepts with which we are surely familiar, however, let’s review them to understand 100% what Extended Reality means.

Virtual Reality

The concept of Virtual Reality is the one we relate to the most and although it has been used since 1968, it was not until the boom of the Oculus glasses that we all wanted to have something to do with Virtual Reality. These glasses popularized immersive video games such as this one

Or experiences that we even found in attraction parks or shopping malls, such as these:

It’s probably clear to you by now that this is a technology we are familiar with.

Augmented Reality


Now that we talk about familiarity, we got to thinking, ok, although Virtual Reality has become very popular, access to it depends entirely on accessories such as glasses or helmets that allow us to immerse ourselves in the experience, while Augmented Reality (in our concept) is much more accessible since it consists of using devices such as a tablet or a Smartphone.

Combining our reality with objects that do not belong to it and that, being aware of it, generates a very interesting interactive experience.

One of the most popular examples of Augmented Reality is the Pokemon game that you and I had (have) on our phones. We can say that we understand everything that it means to have an immersive interaction with Augmented Reality.

Mixed Reality

We imagine that you must already be imagining that Mixed Reality, is in effect, a combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we can only leave you with an example so you can visualize it.

Now we are talking about it! Extended Reality

Extended Reality aims to correct the problems of all previous technologies to mark a breakthrough in the same by combining all realities.
The point why it is a trend is because no company has yet achieved that this technology is developed to 100% as desired and it is a race in which companies like Oculus are competing to achieve the goal, however, Microsoft has recently released a video where they show us how they are advancing in Extended Reality and the truth, it looks very promising.

Of course at Scrummers we are also working to achieve the scope of this technology but in the meantime, we can help you with any Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed Reality development, just tell us what you want to do and our team will be 24/7 for you.

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