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Due to this technique and the experience we have doing technology products, we understand that the best way to develop our clients’ apps or web pages is to divide the entire process into different stages; that allows us to make partial deliveries, evaluate the evolution of the project and improve our processes without going back in a waterfall methodology where there are a starting and a conclusion point, making sure that at the end of the process there is something to change, it will probably return us to the point a.

That is why we want to show you how we divide our procedures so you can know how we carry out each of our client’s development projects.


In this stage we have an initial meeting with the client, here we know the type of development you want to perform; With this, we determine the general vision of the project, we set the objective, we determine who the app or website is for and we establish the metrics that we must follow.

Then, we socialize the project with our work team and expose the development issues to establish epics, these are characterized by being the deliverables of the product along with all the general requirements and help us to specify the user stories. Likewise, we have the number of people and tools we need; we set work goals and estimate the time it will take us to do it.

Once we define these parameters, our Scrum Master meets with the client to evaluate all the possibilities of development; In this meeting, we socialize the proposal of the Scrummers team and study the possible risks that may arise. Finally, we carry out a schedule where all the phases of the project are detailed together with the established dates of the sprints.

Software Project Development

This stage is one of the most important of the whole process because is where we begin to transform the idea of ​​our clients into functional software development.

Then we have a second meeting with the client, here our Product Owner shows the user stories and the tasks to be performed along with the deadlines determined for each. Once we have the client approval, we design the prototypes, mockups of the apps or web pages, so you can see how the final product will look, taking into account, of course with a UI / UX study (Interface and User Experience)

After this, we socialize user stories with Scrummers members and determine the level of importance of each of the tasks to be performed; We also delegate responsibility to execute each task, we define the objectives to be achieved and we set the deadlines for each action.

Once we begin to develop each of the phases of the project, we have daily meetings, known as a “Daily” where each team member informs the tasks they have performed and those that are pending, this allows us to know the evolution of the project at the right time.

When we complete the entire development process, our QA team is responsible for performing the necessary tests to check if the mobile app or website does what the customer needs. In case of finding errors, we carry out the required documentation, we assign those responsible for the corrections, we update the work schedule and the client is informed about the changes made.

Final delivery to the customer

Once the QA team approves that the product is finished and provides us a report of the test results, the customer is informed and a date for final delivery is established.

Here different tests are made, so the client can analyze if the development fits all their expectations and the documentation of the development process is delivered with the app or website guarantee.

Our more than 50 products developed and the experience we have,  allows us to demonstrate that this is the best way to direct any type of software project because we satisfy all the requirements and expectations of our customers.

We know that we are the best team to develop your next app or website. Our work methodology and technique has allowed us to carry out incredible projects and we are very proud of them.

If you want to program an appointment to start your app, write to us at info@scrummers.co or search for us on FacebookLinkedIn o Instagram.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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