Dennis Hope, an American ventriloquist, patented the moon in 1980 and became a millionaire selling land for twenty dollars online, Gary Dahl was a copywriter who became famous for drawing faces on stones sold as “the perfect pets” trough  the web. The success of these businesses, in addition to creativity, is due to something known as E-commerce or electronic commerce. Here are four tips to sell everything you can think of online.

The first recommendation we want to make  you is to be creative in the product or service you want to trade because there is so much competition, according to the report about the state of e-commerce in 2019 made by the data analyst firm Semantics3, 5,964,972 websites in the world are dedicated to electronic commerce,  the categories of clothing, beauty, and babies are the most popular. If you want to participate in e-commerce,  we suggest you to think about something  exceptional, or to design a very enjoyable platform.

The information you are going to read below may surprise you a bit: Only 48.2% of the e-commerce sites in te world use HTTPS which is the minimum standard to offer information security to credit cards or passwords, other websites don’t guarantee that your information is protected at all. Another strange fact is that in Europe there are fewer websites with this type of security certificates than in America, we do not want to alarm you, but this information may be useful for you. If you use a system to protect your customers, be sure that they will buy your products.

Ten years ago nobody would recommend checking social networks for a company to succeed, even in the past there were managers who banned them, however, in today’s world, full of accounts, profiles and Wi-Fi networks, it is beneficial to check and take advantage of them. 

For example, the social network Instagram shows more affinity with the food businesses. On the other hand, Pinterest is at the forefront in the home and kitchen categories and Facebook takes the lead in cars and books. Social networks are full of opportunities to sell but the strategy on how you do it is key to success.

Finally, we want you not only to have numbers and appreciations left in your head after reading this post, that’s why we provide you information about the most used platforms for e-commerce in the world. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and OScommerce are the most popular. All but WooCommerce have a response time of less than a second, Shopify being the fastest. Keep in mind that the quicker your website is, the more opportunities you will have to sell your products or services.

At Scrummers, we have recently developed a platform for companies or entrepreneurs that visualize selling their products online. From websites to sell moon pieces to payment platforms, the impressive attribute about our purpose is that you can create your E-commerce in seconds and we also have a free version. Here you have the link in case you are interested in trying.  https://easy-commerce.co/

Whenever you meet someone who does not believe in your projects, remember that there are no ideas so strange as to not be shared. Remember that a ventriloquist patented the moon, remember that a copywriter sold stones as pets, remember that Scrummers builds that space that your idea needs to be able to reach those who require it. Write to us and let’s sell together slices of heaven!


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