Pets has become a member of the families bringing with them a lot of joy to the home, but also need special care but those furry problems are solved by technology.

Dog Walker

Dog walker services

We have already talked in Scrummers about some businesses that are on the rise and with which it is ideal to entrepreneur, for example, video games.

Another of those big rising is the pet industry but we are not talking about selling animals which by the way is a horrible practice.

In Scrummers we support adoptions and that’s why one of the main solutions to furry problems that we want to present to you is


Online adoptions


A dog, cat, hamster or pig are wonderful companions and being allowed to get the love of one or more of them is as easy as clicking on the link of some charity website.

You can adopt animals, apply online, get answers and go for your new life partner.

An example of this is one of the biggest rescue associations in New York City, where you can see their website and all the features you can have with just one click 


Vets, walkers and day/night care


Well, you have your furry friend at home and you’ll face situations where you need a vet, food or toys, no worries!

There are applications that provide simple consultations by phone or have the ability to send a vet to your home, likewise all the supplements you need, but that’s not the end of it.

Many times the time is not enough for everything that has to be done in the day and give a long walk to your dog is not possible. Relax! apps like Rover have come to rescue to more than one.

The operation of this company is wonderful because thanks to the collaborative economy, you connect through the app with people who love animals and are willing to walk your dog for the time you need and they in addition to the company of your furry friend, receive a payment for the work done.

There is even day and night care services in case you have to leave on a trip and can’t take your buddy with you.

TrustedHousesitters was also created to connect people in need of accommodation for a few days with people who have to go out of town, leave their pets but do not want to take them out of the comfort of their home.

Some companies have been created as a result of bad experiences in daycares or with groomers so moving this type of service to home and schedule incredible pet groomers in different applications is also possible.

Last but not least:




All over the world, there are animals in need and some beautiful platform allows you to know some cases that need help to pay for their treatments, give them medication or food.

At Waggle you can collect funds for foundations, rescuers or people who do not have the money for it.

With these examples, we want to give you an idea of the incredible world of possibilities that we have to make the world a better place or at least a little more beautiful and for that you can count on us.

At Scrummers we are ready to start developing your project. Write to us today.




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