We are living in difficult times and in the blink of an eye the world has become a live action of The Last of Us and even the behavior of some people has made us feel in a chapter of The Walking Dead, but if there is one thing we must be clear about, it is that the first step to move forward is to stay calm and try to make the same for our environment. Here we tell you how to live in pandemic times without sacrificing our productivity.

The Covid-19 known as Coronavirus, is a virus of rapid spread and we have seen it in countries like Italy, where in less than two weeks their positive cases went from tens to thousands, we can understand this very well thanks to a magnificent article in the Washington Post that with graphics shows us how the virus spreads and the importance of maintaining social isolation as much as possible.

Not going out for the weekend to the movies or to the mall is indispensable for us to control the pandemic that in the end may be a simple flu for many of us, but that for the sick and the elderly could result in something fatal and that is why this measure is the most effective, however many will say: “…but what about the economy?

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, we have solutions at hand so that our economy and work are not affected and having Scrummers at times like these is one of the greatest advantages you can have.

Scrummers is your development team without having it in your office consuming resources (when everything is normal) and even having to assume losses for every day they must be absent (as happens in most companies at this time) 

Our methodology allows us to be anywhere and still, as a team, resolve all our commitments. Thanks to the platforms where you can see in real time the status of each task, monitor progress, test, send and forward, have meetings and share instant messages work does not stop and if we do not stop, your company will not either, triggering a behavior that will not allow the economy to collapse because between us we are doing our part to continue our work even if the world needs us at home.

How to live in pandemic times is not too hard after all… also beginning to show us lessons about how the world can be transformed and move many of the tasks to the digital realm and reduce pollution, the stress of traffic of thousands of people transporting themselves to their offices when it is not necessary and giving us time to enjoy our family.

Let’s take every negative issue to learn and even generate ideas for a better and obvious future, counting as always with Scrummers, your dream development team. Contact us!



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