As an experienced advisor, a reliable psychologist or the best of your friends, today we want to give you some information to be the website preferred by Google. Many terms are not easy to understand, so at Scrummers we want to explain it in a small story.

From now on, dear readers, all Internet websites are humans with personality. To make it more precise, Google born in 1998 is a popular and incredibly attractive 20-year-old Californian lady, Amazon is a 24-year-old adult that travels the world without a wallet, and Airbnb is an 18-year-old influencer who has friends everywhere. Therefore, some websites are housewives, arrogant gentlemen, and highly respected academic ladies.

The purpose of the websites that reside in this tiny world is to seduce miss Google to appear on her list of favorites. She doesn’t mind about age, nationality or appearance; the essential point is to make her feel great,  that’s why we would like to give you some suggestions for it.

A natural alternative to attract Google without money is with words. She smiles when she talks to poets or novelists websites. You can communicate in any language, and talk about the topic you prefer because besides being young, famous and intelligent, she is polyglot; the more information you offer, the more accurate your communication strategy is, the closer you will be to achieve your goal.

Now we want to introduce Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They are three American backpackers living together in a trailer home. They are millionaires, but nobody knows quite well why.  Some people say that their fortune is due to their work as secret agents because they have a lot of information. Others say that they are simply Google brothers. In the end, if you share your talent with them, they will help you to seduce the girl. 

The American lady, desired by everyone, studied law at Stanford University. For this reason, she prefers the websites that pay her.  Google is cold, dark, mysterious; she wears high heels and walks the streets of Mountain View in a black dress tight to her body. At Scrummers believe that we can attract her by writing elegantly and without paying, but if you feel lonely, we advise you to pay her. In the real world, they call it advertising; in our little world, we call it ambition.

But let’s not forget that the young woman is only 20 years old, due to her young age, Google tends to like pages with updated formats and appropriate images. She likes to go to the beach, dance in the rain, and be impressed.  Another advice is that your pictures include a title according to your personality, and to avoid overweight photos.

At Scrummers we can make a website so you can pull her easily, we give you the push you need to get her attention; we are not magicians, but we have our tricks. Write to  info@scrummers.co to start developing the project that you have in mind. It will certainly fascinate Google and millions of other people.

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