Today’s post is about how your projects will turn reality. We inform you of some key determinants to start your next adventure. We have: from Cristóbal Colón selling yogurt, to firms that analyze global trends. ¡Let’s start!

The first story is for you to explore where nobody is looking and forget the excuses. Although it may seem like a fantastic story or a historical comedy, what you are about to read is the beginning of a statement to the mayor of La Garrotxa, Spain in the 1980s.

“Hello, my name is Cristóbal Colón, I come from a mental hospital with 14 mentally ill people, and we want to start a business.”

Today, 37 years later, that company is La Fageda, the third largest dairy company in Catalonia and is actually made up mostly of schizophrenic, bipolar and obsessive compulsive. If you don’t believe us, here they tell us a little about their history.

At Scrummers we know that there are many ways to differentiate yourself from the competition; it can be in Marketing like Kylie Cosmetics, which was adapted to find new and unexpected ways to reach consumers; or as Netflix, which innovated in service and introduced a platform that was not known before, or you can even work on product, as did Kim Camp Gillette who invented a portable, disposable and personal razor blade in the 19th century and is still valid today.

Besides, we are sure that to be competitive you must dream as big as possible, we believe that an entrepreneur has to be, first of all, the fantasy machine; that invents services or imagines products. Companies like Apple, Facebook, or even the American Space Force are, in principle, crazy things of the imagination.

It is not a secret that the world is changing by leaps and bounds at a speed that impresses anyone, so to start a business, it is essential to check in which direction people are moving. Trend Hunter is a tool that through research, big data and artificial intelligence, analyze thousands of trends, order them by importance, give them a score, classify them and show very unusual business ideas, such as masks that illuminate in the light of the moon, or pockets that organize coins.There are also free reports for entrepreneurs, projects from all existing industries, and events where they create the future of humanity in a hundred years. The information they produce is astounding and can help you understand current trends and imagine the future.

Finally, if you already have a project in progress, we recommend you to investigate and apply methodologies such as DOFA to understand weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and threats, Canvas to structure the entire business model in a visible and understandable way, Empathy map to Understand the hopes and pain points of your consumers, Balance Scorecard to develop innovation processes within the organization, among other very useful tools for entrepreneurs who already have a defined proposal.

If your vision is so big as to change the world and your imagination is so rebellious as to believe that it is possible, write to info@scrummers.co if you need software development so that your project leaves your mind and gets install in the heart of millions of people.

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