We believe that there are two worlds when we talk about information. There is an old one that debates about control, contracts, confidentiality, witnesses, safes or, state secrets, and a few years ago, a young world was born, which speaks of trust, generosity, freedom, accessibility, free licenses, and cooperation.  The basis of this new order of things is known as Open Data and refers to the right of each citizen to access and use information produced by an individual or entity wherever they may be and as they deem appropriate.

In the old world, we could access the information only if we went to discourse with an angry gentleman wearing a tie and if we filled out a form with questions such as: who are you? Why do you need this information? Where do you live? Are you a relative of a public official? Even cities like Washington, a few years ago, we had to pay eight hundred dollars plus shipping and taxes to access public documents, besides to signing a confidentiality clause and waiting fifteen business days. However, in the young world, everybody knows that sharing data online, with manageable formats and under licenses such as Creative Commons 3.0, which allows sharing, copying, commercial use and even creating something original from that information generates astounding results.

Like a tv show produced by Christian Petzold in Berlin translated into Spanish by Pablo Ríos, a Spanish who loves the plot and is studying German; Then María Flórez, an architect who lives in Cusco, can enjoy watching the content on her native language just by having a Wi-Fi point.

Now we explain how the new world works with a real example: the Barack’s Obama government published an article stating that 23 million US citizens suffered from asthma in 2013, this information is easily discovered on the Internet by a group of entrepreneurs, who also used the free GPS information and installed a small device in the inhalers of all patients suffering from this condition; This resulted in a 65% reduction on asthma attacks per day, as people managed to avoid places where these crises were frequent, due to pollution levels or very enclosed spaces. A simply excellent concept born in the bowels of Open Data.

Also, many cities already belong to this new world, here you have the Open Data website of the Washington government in case you are curious about the subject. The information is simply amazing. There are updated cycle paths maps, real-time environmental indicators, recycling zones, and even historical data.

In Scrummers, we know that due to Open Data you can appropriate and conjecture the context where you are, we understand that one of the principal elements for innovation is culture and we are convinced, that there are millions of enterprise opportunities to enhance everyday life, if we have in count the valuable information proposed by this new way of getting the information.

Write us at info@scrummers.co if you found the opportunity of your life and require to develop it with the most excellent team on the planet, we are part of the world that cooperates, advances and works together to carry out incredible projects.

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