Imagine an app that allows you to request a taxi ride without moving from where you are and with just a tap. Yes, I know it’s not difficult, because already exists a ton of them and maybe you have one or two right now on your phone, so, how to make this “new cliché” idea work?

For prix we created an app that besides connecting users with taxi drivers allows people to accumulate points that can be redeemed in places of the city taking the experience of knowing new places to a new level.

We used the map as a central part of the app’s interface, in it you can see your location, your destination, discover places near you, follow your taxi driver in real time and see which places you go to.

With the app you can pay your driver, spend your accumulated points, refer friends and experience the city like never before.

Our team was part of the development of Prix from the minute zero, creating its corporate identity, communication model, UI/UX, developing the product and publishing it. Are you looking for the perfect team to make your projects a reality? At Scrummers we have it.




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