Growing your business in times of pandemic

It seems unattainable but fortunately, it is completely achievable.
This was the topic of our most recent Webinar and we want to share with you some of the main ideas
First, let’s start with the term “Staff Augmentation”.
Staff Augmentation means “team-building” and is an experience within the Outsourcing model.

Remote Agile Teams vs. Staff Augmentation When to use which one?

Remote agile teams

-You need to increase capacity of your current development team with external equipment.

-You need to develop a software project with a time to market reduced and not you can count on the staff.

Staff Augmentation

-You just signed a new client, but you Current staff is already working overtime

-A specialized resource has to take a extended leave of absence, and you must replace it.

-A new customer requires a skill specialized that your team does not have at present.

-You need to reduce recruitment costs regulars

Staff Augmentation Facilities with Scrummers

TOP talent with skills advanced technicians

Agile talent trained with our own framework of work based on Scrum

The process

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