Technology after pandemic

Have you asked yourself what will happen to technology after the pandemic?

And when we ask this hypothetical question, we are referring to all the technological efforts we have made in our companies since the beginning of the pandemic.

Well, the first thing that we have to take into account is that according to Bill Gates (who has shown us to be knowledgeable on the subject) this emergency will not end in 2021, at least not in underdeveloped countries. Check out the full article here

Bill Gates talking

The covid-19 pandemic will be over by the end of 2021

This indicates that these efforts should continue to be improved throughout 2021.

On the other hand, technology is a friend that has advanced the world significantly since we use it daily or at least in business development.

In a past blog we told you how the IT market has changed dramatically and the positions that were not so valued before, today they fulfill much more important functions and even mean the complete operation of the company, you can read more here.

In that order of ideas, we can infer that if technology has evolved to be the Core of a business then the additional or accelerated effort that was given during the pandemic, should not be discarded but on the contrary, to continue using everything that happens worldwide in our favor.

To answer the initial question we have already heard from several people. After the pandemic, technological efforts will not be lost; on the contrary, they will be the engine of the new world, one that is more digital, faster and more efficient.

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Do you agree or what do you think?

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