IoT or Internet of Things, is related to the interaction of different objects or elements through a network, either private or wifi and although the term seems very complex, its use is more common than you think.

The last few years have been the boom of IoT and as we were saying, it is more common than you might think. Today, a refrigerator, a stove, a coffee maker and your alarm clock can be connected to each other and make your life easier through these connections, as less and less human intervention is needed to perform tasks.

The terms Smart Home, building, office… speaks directly to the IoT or Internet of Things, since it refers to the interconnection between different elements that can intelligently detect if you are at home or are about to arrive and turn on the heating, turn on the TV, close the curtains and even start filling the bathtub, all in an automated way or simply by sending an activation through a cell phone.

The interconnection of things is not limited only to the personal field, as we indicated before, smart offices are also a reality but in the field of agriculture or livestock we can see how it has helped workers to make intelligent crops where through sensors, devices and a network, you can determine unforeseen weather changes and/or any other factor that may affect a harvest and make changes that prevent losses (with or without human interaction) and for farmers, have control of their animals, count and check their status without being present.

On the other hand, in medicine, and this is very important because we see that it not only makes our lives better, saves us time, money, gives us security, among other advantages, but it can literally save our lives. There are many stories on the internet, like this one in which an Apple Watch has been the difference between life and death thanks to the connection between the health system of the watch and emergency calls, even in many hospitals, the data is sent directly from the patient to the doctor to track diseases and / or treatments.

The most recent advances propose to run a single communication protocol so that the elements to be connected do not have to be all from the same provider because this stops the growth of technology, additionally one of the most important aspects at this time, is to take the data that is generated in the interconnections to analyze them and thus, logically make greater progress and in less time.

IoT has been one of Scrummers’ most loved areas since we started, because the idea of connecting in an intelligent way and making our life easier or even saving it, is something that simply makes us feel that we are living in a wonderful time.

Do you have an IoT project in mind to develop? Write to us and we will be more than happy to contribute to your dreams.


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