It seems that the world’s most prestigious potter, known as god, created the silhouette of the first man with mud, blew his nose to give him the spirit, and gave him the courage to live. In Scrummers we do something similar to your software projects, but instead of God, we have frontend developers, and instead of mud, we have CSS technology to visually shape your ideas. Today we explain this tool in a small story.

Imagine that god, instead of human beings, creates applications and websites to live together on earth, sing, play, and dance. Therefore, instead of calcium bones, he uses HTML codes to support the structure, and instead of mud, hair or skin, he uses CSS commands to design the shapes, sizes, fonts, distribution, colors, and margins of each element in the interface.

This tool was developed to classify the information from its visual representation so that changing the design does not imply changing the content, it means, by modifying the colors and shapes of the mud in CSS, the HTML skeleton would remain intact and vice-versa.

Therefore, there are apps with the blond start, families with elegant fonts, floating elements, and there are even payment gateways with violet buttons on the belly. All this to improve the user experience, create a friendly interface, and making navigation visually intuitive. But be careful, because CSS is used only for design variables, so it is necessary to encode in HTML language so that, like the human skeleton, it supports the visual forms of the site or application.

In Scrummers we use CSS3, which is the latest version of this technology and allows us to mold the mud with amazing shapes, This new variant supports many more operating systems than the previous ones, it is adaptable to the screen of a mobile phone, tablet or even TV, it has many more design details such as transitions, rounded corners, gradient colors, and even animations; So it allows to modify the entire visual interface of a software project so that it goes through the computer world dancing and singing joyfully.

Here is the CSS3 test web page in case you are interested in the topic and want to test how compatible your browser is with this tool.

In Scrummers, we can make a brilliant website for you, with mud, bones, and a lot of magic; we give you the push you need to change the world. Write to us at info@scrummers.co and let’s start developing your business idea.

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