What is the difference between website and web app?

The difference between website and web app is not very clear when we talk to our customers, sometimes they do not understand which is the product they need or which is the one that suits them best.

We usually define that a website is everything we find through a browser and a URL address and that an app is the one we download from a platform such as App Store.

It is very common that we focus on these two terms and completely ignore the web app, and of course! When we mention it in the professional environment to present a different option to meet the needs of a client, it is unknown and even rejected without knowing the differences. When we explain each one, clients immediately nod and understand that all the time they were confusing one thing with the other.

Today we wanted to write this to help many understand their needs and the kind of product they require, so let’s move on.

What is a website?

If your main objective when you want to create a “website” is to inform your target audience, who you are, what you sell, position your company in search engines, do digital marketing, allow newsletter subscriptions, among other calls to action guided by the initial information, then you need a website, this is the main function of it.

It is a series of static pages that guide the user from one to another to achieve a goal such as a subscription or a purchase.

What is a web app?

While we define the website as a series of pages with static information, the web app is different in the sense that if your need is to interact with your user, for example, requesting a service through the browser, you will need a web app or a mobile app (but this is a topic for another blog).

Web apps are sites that allow more complex interactions than a call to action, one of the clearest examples in this term is Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive, both allow you to interact with each of their products, for example, write an article or create a table of data and save it in the cloud to send or print, among other functions.

Another example could be Uber, which although it has a mobile app, also works through a URL in a browser and you can request service right there.

Now let’s talk about development languages, which of course we will do a blog to discuss the difference between them but right now, let’s focus on the most common ones for each of the above options.

Previously websites were developed entirely in code but today we have open source managers such as WordPress, Shopify, among others.

On the other hand, web apps can use more complex languages such as: React JS framework, AngularJS framework, Vue JS framework, Laravel PHP framework, TensorFlow cloud cache framework, among others.

And well, now that you know the difference between website and web app, it only remains to determine which is the product you need for your idea and together we can make it a reality.

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