If you are like us you are living in an amazing time. We can work from anywhere, in jobs that no grandfather saw coming. Entertainment is on a level that not even George Lucas could have imagined.  We have the solution to almost all the problems of the day in our pocket. And if SpaceX goes well, soon holiday snaps will far outshine anything in Neil Armstrong’s scrapbook.

This technological revolution implies great possibilities for all industries and today the concern is not in deciding whether to invest in technology, but in how to use technology to break away from everything we presently know. That requires having an agile development team on hand, ready to solve all your problems, to know and understand your needs, to work collaboratively, oriented to provide solutions and to adapt to the speed of the light market.

 Does it sound impossible? For a traditional development company, yes, and it is hardly logical. It is very difficult to get rid of the bureaucracy involved in the process of splicing between a client and a company.  One is worried that its needs are being met, and the other by its business process, administration, payroll, protecting its know-how and many other things, which all end up being managed by an archaic scheme in which something has to be done: they receive the project, work on it locked away in an impenetrable fortress and then return it all finished. At this point it may not work: specifications may have been changed while they were cloistered away, or they simply did not understand the initial request. They are basically water and oil trying to mix. 

 With Scrummers this does not happen, because instead of locking ourselves away following processes with an expiration date marked on the packaging, we focus on having excellent multidisciplinary professionals who are grouped into development teams, dedicated to you and your project and that also… (drum roll please)… use the Scrum methodology as their guide.

 What does this mean? That at the end of the day you have a team prepared to work on any software and hardware development project that you are planning.  That you do not have to teach them how to communicate and work because they already have the Scrum methodology to guide them and that allows you to have a complete view on the progress of your project and assures you that you will see a product as you want it and that is able to evolve with your imminent growth.

 So now you know, if you have a software or hardware development project, you want to create an app or a digital product of any kind or you have that idea that will make Elon Musk’s space project look like child’s play, you don’t have to worry about looking under a rock for developers, UI / UX designers, QA’s, software architects and the other experts that you need, or you don’t have to find a way to mix water and oil by splicing with a traditional development company. You just have to tell us, by writing to info@scrummers.co and let everything flow in a way that, we assure you, you’ve never seen before. 

 If you are not familiar with any of the things you have read here, we invite you to read more about us and our Scrum methodology in our Blog.

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